Screencast Series on YouTube

As we continue to come out with new screencasts available on our YouTube channel, you may be wondering what inspired me to start this project and what you can expect in the future. In the past few years, I’ve found various videos and demos on Ruby on Rails quite useful and informative. Ruby is the main strategy scripting language supported by the Marketcetera platform. Being able to watch coding and development in action allows you to understand concepts and applications of the language more easily and I knew we had to do the same for our community at Marketcetera.

In the past few weeks, we’ve started with three basic videos: the first screencast describes developing simple strategies in Ruby on Photon, the integrated Strategy Studio. The second screencast shows how to deploy a number of real sample strategies. The third screencast is a demonstration of the Strategy Agent, which allows users to scale strategies to work on multiple machines and handle complex data flows between strategy modules. Future screencasts will include more complex topics and trading strategies. For example, you may see a video on pairs trading and a demo on backtesting.

The goal for the video series as a whole is to provide Marketcetera users with audio-visual explanations for all the features and functions of the Marketcetera platform. We’ve been listening to your feedback so far. Keep it coming! You’ll help us determine the future direction of the videos.

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