Marketcetera is on YouTube!

Toli Kuznets, our CTO and co-founder led our first experiment with a screencast demonstration of the Strategy Studio. In this first video, Toli takes us through the process of developing and deploying new trading strategies in Ruby. The video is available below and on our YouTube channel.

One of our goals at Marketcetera is to make the platform intuitive and easy to use. To that end, this screencast is meant to enable current and new users to learn the ins and outs of the Strategy Studio more quickly. As always, we appreciate your feedback on the product as well as our first screencast.

4 thoughts on “Marketcetera is on YouTube!

  1. The screen cast is great. It explained a lot about the product. I hope that in future videos you explain how to develop a simple trading strategy from start to finish. Maybe something like Moving Avg. Crossover or something similar.

    Also, I hope to see a video on how to integrate CEP into the strategy.


  2. This is a great initiative, it gives people a quick startingpoint from where they can continue to develop their own strategies. And as Eric said, we want more 😀

    Great work, keep it up


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