Announcing….. Marketcetera V1.5

Since the release of the Marketcetera Automated Trading Platform 1.0 in January, we’ve brought on several great new board members and got the ball rolling with exciting new customers. And recently, we’ve heard continuing calls for open source from financial services firms trying to navigate a new market with smaller budgets. When Graham and Toli started Marketcetera a couple years ago, they found a hole in the automated trading market and decided to fill it. But while open source was one part of the answer, they believed that high-performance and functionality needs to compliment the unprecedented customizability and accessibility that open source offers traders.

To that end, we’re announcing today the general availability of the Marketcetera Automated Trading Platform 1.5 ( The purpose of this update is to provide even more scalability so that multiple users can collaborate using remote servers to turn trading strategies into immediate executions. The update also allows for monitoring of profit and loss in real time so that traders can adjust to new data as it becomes available throughout the day. Key features of 1.5 include:

  • Real-time intraday position and profit and loss monitoring.
  • Simplicity and security for multi-user installations
  • Level 2 and depth-of-book market data
  • Strategy Studio, allowing multiple agents to build and execute strategies across multiple servers

In February, Graham hosted a joint presentation with the TABB Group which highlighted some interesting data from a study of buy-side firms. Nearly half of participants in the study are considering a change to their EMS and about 30% are considering a change to their OMS. While converting systems can be a daunting undertaking, these firms are prepared to do so to keep up with quickly changing markets. Many are finding that going beyond the build vs. buy paradigm with open source can ease this transition.

Even better, we continue to see customers mash up our platform and come up with new innovations for automated trading that would have never been possible without open source. The sky is the limit! Come check us the latest version of our product and let us know what you think. We look forward to your feedback.

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