Continuous Innovation

Hello everyone,

Today we are announcing the release of Marketcetera’s Automated Trading Platform version 0.9.0. Here are some highlights:

As we continue to evolve the product, we have received tremendous community feedback. To further improve our communication and coordination with our community, we are launching new community tools for documentation (Confluence), bug/issue tracking (Jira), code browsing and reviewing tool (Crucible). We would also like to give credit to Atlassian for providing us with free open source licenses for those tools.

One of our key design principles is openness and the ability to provide our customers access to the broadest possible array of market data. As another step in this direction, we are please to announce our support for OpenTick Market Data in addition to Activ Financial.

Again, our community has been invaluable in the area of usability, providing several suggestions for improvements, two of which we were able to address in this version of the product. First of all, we have added the ability to filter and search FIX views in Photon. Secondly, we have improved our desktop notification by adding the ability to enable sound and visual notifications

Rapid implementation of strategies depends on providing the development community the control and tools they require to efficiently customize solutions for their institutions. In our latest release, we have upgraded Photon environment to Eclipse 3.4.1, we have implemented the latest release of the Ruby IDE and created the ability to build Photon directly from Eclipse

Along with the new features we have also implemented a new registration process. Access to downloads, documentation and tickets requires registration to ensure that we can scale our support and service capabilities. Previous registrants will receive new credentials today or tomorrow

As always, we are very interested in your thoughts and feedback. If you have not yet downloaded our software or you are looking for this latest 0.9.0 release,  you can find detailed configuration information online or email me directly. Please feel free to post or email me directly.

Download. Run. Trade,

Roy Agostino
CMO, Marketcetera

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