Marketcetera and Activ Market Data

As you might have seen, this week we announced support of Activ real-time market data in the Marketcetera Platform.  Given the limited space in a press release, we weren’t able to say very much about why we think this is a great opportunity.

I’ve actually been a buyer of Activ’s data feeds for many years (I think I was one of their first customers years ago).  And there are several reasons why we keep coming back:

  • Fast—Activ’s engineers are constantly working to reduce latency in their market data feeds.  Through custom software, network architecture, and even hardware, they can deliver market data to your doorstep as fast as you need it.
  • Phenomenal data—Activ’s data feeds include a wealth of data in addition to the realtime data.  Our customers especially appreciate the full suite of descriptive data about equity options and dividends.
  • Pure Java client— Activ provides native interfaces for a number of languages, including Java. This one is key for us, given the use of Java in the Marketcetera product.
  • Flexible technology—Activ will even expose its middleware layer for use by and integration of your applications.

Together with these offerings the Marketcetera Platform becomes a more powerful tool for building front-office trading applications.   In short, we are proud to present Activ market data through the Marketcetera Platform.  Please drop us a line if you are interested in the Activ adapter.

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