My first 90 days at Marketcetera

It’s been about 90 days since I joined Marketcetera as VP of Engineering, and I’m having a great time. I previously worked at Yahoo!, where I dealt with a lot of problems with large scale, low-latency and high-throughput systems as director of engineering in the Search Marketing Group. I’m looking forward to applying my expertise in a new industry – or industries – since Marketcetera has a foot in both the open source software and the finance worlds.

One of my first goals has been to build out an engineering team. We’ve hired some great people that have hit the ground running, and are still looking for an Eclipse RCP developer to work on Photon and a server-side Java developer. Hint, hint.

I haven’t been idle on the actual engineering front, either. Over the last few months, we’ve implemented a Scrum development process to incorporate customer feedback earlier and more often – so send us some more feedback to incorporate! We’ve also got a slew of upcoming engineering process improvements in the works, plus a QA build-out and some open source feedback incorporation.  We’ll be rolling out an updated wiki and bug-tracking system in the near future as well.

2 thoughts on “My first 90 days at Marketcetera

  1. For the moment that is me (Graham Miller). I am working closely with our initial customers, our investors (some of whom come from the buy side), and working off the requirements I built up over the course of my career as a quantitative trader.

    But as you can see, we have an open position:

    Let us know if you know anyone who fits the bill.

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