0.5.0 and Windows Installer

Who said installing open-source software had to be difficult? We just shipped the 0.5.0 release, which contains an all-in-one installer for Windows. It makes installing and configuring the Marketcetera Platform a breeze, so it’s even easier to try out.

The Windows installer includes the Order Routing Server (ORS), Photon, OrderLoader and Tradebase. It also includes Java, MySQL and Ruby on Rails which eliminates outside dependencies. Once you supply your email (we need it to generate a unique senderCompID) we’ll set you up so that you’ll be connected to the Marketcetera Exchange Simulator during install process.  Then you can start testing your strategies immediately.

In addition to the Windows intsaller, we are also releasing the Windows and Linux client packages (OrderLoader and Photon), and the pre-configured Linux VMWare Appliance containing all the server-side components as well.

One of the major new features in 0.5.0 is Authentication – you now need to have Photon log on to the ORS before you can trade. We have also restructured our code repository to make it easier to build the Marketcetera Platform from code.

A always, we are looking forward to your comments and feedback.

Have a good 4th of July everybody, and happy trading.

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