80 cups of tea later

Happy New Year, Marketcetera Readers!

We’ve been rather quiet for a while, so you may have been wondering what was going on at Marketcetera. Very simple – all this time, we’ve been drinking tea. It appears, that since we moved to our new office, I’ve gone through a whole box of tea – 80 packets in all. All jokes aside, what does it really translate to, aside from 3-4 cups a day?

Apologies for “going dark” and not releasing anything in the past 2 months – we’ve been concentrating on fundraising, to expand the team and grow the company faster.

As a result, after spending the last 2 months playing “Sand Hill Road Bingo” Marketcetera is now funded! It was the best present ever – we closed the day before Christmas – and are now in the final stages of the process. That also means we are hiring – so if you’d like to join the Marketcetera team, send us an email to jobs@marketcetera.com.

In addition, here’s the short list of what else the 80 cups of tea translate to:

  1. While not driving to Menlo Park, we’ve snuck a few bug-fixes in
  2. Marketcetera has been certified with Reuters RTEX
  3. We are presenting at the O’Reilly Money:Tech conference in New York in February. Come see us talk about open-source trading
  4. Prototyping of Complex Event Processing with Esper. Working on polishing that for the next-next release

We are working hard on pushing out the 0.4.2 release, slated for next week. After that, we are concentrating on making the next release a lot more user-friendly. We know the “getting started” process is sometimes non-trivial, so we’ll work on fixing that.

Oh, and don’t worry – we didn’t run out of tea. Now that we are funded, I have a box of fancier PG Tips next to the kettle (minus the monkey), so watch out for British spellings in the code!

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