You always have other Options!

Another release, another asset class – the latest release of the Marketcetera Platform brings you equity options.

The 0.4.0 release of the Marketcetera Platform has the following new features:

  1. Equity options support in Photon
  2. Improved algorithmic scripting support
  3. Marks import in Tradebase
  4. SSL support in OMS
  5. FIX message detail view in Photon
  6. Improved appliance and OMS diagnostic tools
  7. Improved exchange and market data simulators

One would argue that having an open-source trading platform already provides you with options, now Marketcetera gives you equity options, too. (Yes, we are looking for a better marketing person). Buy. Hedge. Scalp gamma. With Marketcetera Platform supporting both equities and equity options, cross-asset strategies are limited only by your creativity.

We have introduced a new top-level Strategy class that makes it even easier to write algorithms inside Photon. Your scripts can now analyze incoming market data, send orders as well as schedule future events through simple API calls. See more information and sample scripts.

We’ve added a few features that we think greatly improve usability. From the new appliance diagnostics page, to the FIX message detail view, to the ability to switch quote feeds on the fly, it is now easier than ever to start trading on the Marketcetera Platform.

For more information on what made it into the 0.4.0 release, please see the full release notes. Download yours today, and happy trading!

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