Show me the money!

While not entirely true, one might say that the main reason we implemented Profit and Loss reporting in Tradebase was just so that we could have the above title.

P&L reports

We are very excited to announce the release of Marketcetera Platform version 0.3.1, which includes the above-mentioned P&L functionality, better UI and error reporting in Photon, and JMX integration in OMS.

For more information on what made it into the 0.3.1 release, please see the full release notes.

For the next release, we are working on the Equity Options functionality, along with a few other ideas.

As usual, Marketcetera Platform remains free, open-source software. To download the latest release, including Photon, Tradebase, the Order Management Server (OMS), Excel integration and the entire platform on a VMWare or Parallels appliance, please see our documentation site.

Meanwhile, we’d love to hear from you. Send us your thoughts, suggestions and feature requests to

Thanks for your feedback, and happy trading!

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